Although every day it is more common for municipalities to invest in sustainable mobility, citizens continue to choose the car as the most comfortable means of transport to get around cities.

Traveling by car has its advantages and disadvantages, especially in big cities where traffic jams can become a real nightmare. Another big problem is parking, which in many places is usually scarce and forces the driver to go around to find a space with the consequent expense of fuel and time. Know more about Lada ne shitje.

Despite all this, the car is the means of transport chosen by the majority because it takes less time and is more comfortable. The second installment of the I Mobility Survey of Northgate Renting Flexible reveals that 95 percent of those surveyed with a driver’s license travel by car on a daily basis and almost 50 percent of the users asked prefer it over transport public. For this reason, it is essential to have MAPFRE Car Insurance that guarantees you the protection you deserve on all your journeys.

Why the car is the most comfortable means of transport

Despite the fact that there are many options for getting around the city, users continue to choose the car as the most comfortable means of transport for any trip. These are the reasons why the car is the king of the road:


Traveling by car is synonymous with freedom since the driver can choose the route they want and do it at their own pace. It is not subject to fixed schedules or mandatory stops. You can start the journey when it suits you best and plan the route in as many days as you want. To this we must add the luggage, he will be able to transport everything he wants, taking into account the capacity of the trunk, even attaching a luggage rack if he needs more space.

Save time

With the car you can save a lot of time , using public transport you have to add to the time of the journey, the minutes of waiting and the necessary transfers to reach the destination point. We save ourselves from being aware of bus, metro or train schedules and the possibility of losing transport.

technology and entertainment

More and more cars have advanced technological equipment to make the trip much more comfortable and enjoyable. We can find models with ergonomic seats, speed limiters , safety systems to reduce fatigue on the road. On the other hand, they have very interesting sound and entertainment equipment to make your trip much more pleasant, even being able to charge electronic devices is also a point in their favor.

What is the most comfortable means of transport to get around the city?

Increasingly, city councils are betting on sustainable mobility models based on improvements to public transport and the incorporation of bike lanes or pedestrian areas. But, despite this, according to the data collected by the OCU, in our country one in four people in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville and Zaragoza travel by car every day . According to the drivers themselves, the reasons that lead them to do so are that the duration of the journey is shorter and, therefore, the journey is shorter . But do these users choose other means of transport? Which one is the most comfortable for them?


It is one of the cities in our country in which more vehicles circulate through its streets , which is why it is also the one with more traffic jams, 53 percent of drivers reveal that they suffer at least once a week. In addition, to this is added that finding parking is quite complicated for 63 percent of users. Despite these data, the car is chosen by the majority, since they point out that public transport has the worst rating in terms of network extension and connection . An alternative is the use of bicycles, which have the largest number of kilometers of bike lanes per inhabitant. Although this reality exists, few are those who decide on this transport to circulate around the city.


In Valencia, the use of the metro and the tram is very limited despite the fact that they have a very extensive network of these services. According to users, the main problem with these means of transport is that they are not punctual and have a very low frequency . Although they also have a network of urban buses, these are not used much, which means that the car is the most used despite the city’s parking problems. An alternative to conventional means of transport are bicycles, which in Valencia have a good rental system and routes to circulate safely, which is why they usually choose it as the first option before the metro or tram. Check out more at Trusted Hot Mart.


In Barcelona, ​​citizens consider that they have a good public transport network, although they point out that its use is less than that of other means due to its price. Within the public network, they opt for the metro. Although without a doubt, in Barcelona, ​​the queen is the motorcycle . This is because driving around the city is complicated due to limited parking space and frequent traffic jams. Finally, the bicycle is the least used vehicle, especially due to the density of traffic, pollution and the insecurity to circulate.


In Madrid, citizens have a good transport system, according to the responses of those surveyed. This reveals that 27 percent of Madrid residents choose the metro to get around the city, followed by the commuter train. Although without a doubt, everyone affirms that the car is the most comfortable means of transport. Lastly, the least used is the bicycle, especially due to the poor management of the public rental service and the conditions of the roads.


In Zaragoza it is easy to get around, or at least that is what its inhabitants say, since parking is simple, there are not many traffic jams , you can ride a bicycle and they have a well-valued public transport network. Despite this, the preferred means of transport continues to be the car, as they consider the bus to be very uncomfortable and that there are difficulties in transporting a bicycle on it.

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