Snacks for children fun for a tube! Recipes for Kids


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Snacks for children fun for a tube! Recipes for Kids

Loquitos we are at home with the new launch of Arla:  a cream cheese in a tube  with which they are going to revolutionize children’s breakfasts and snacks … and attention because the best is coming now, one of its flavors is chocolate !

When I saw it with these little eyes I couldn’t believe it, a cream cheese in a tube, which allows you to serve the right amount in an easy and fun way (later I’ll tell you all the recipes that can be made with this new format). But when I tried it… I had a hard time showing it to the kids and not hiding it for myself!

But let’s go in parts, we have to tell you many things, and at the end we bring you  a video of a recipe for children that you are going to love.

Why are parents going to like Arla’s new cream cheese so much?

As I was saying, we have tried it and we can assure you that it is really good, but also as parents responsible for feeding the little ones that we are, we love this alternative to other cocoa creams because it is a product made with milk of the highest quality, with calcium, LOW FAT  (it only has 17% Fat) and, very importantly , without preservatives!

It is also long lasting and its format allows it to take up very little space in the fridge and can be easily stored, perfect!

But the best thing was discovering the number of fun recipes for children that we could make with both the natural cream cheese flavor and the chocolate flavor. What do you think of the American pancakes in the photo above or the cupcakes? With Arla’s cream cheese, giving a fun and healthy touch to snacks or breakfasts is sucked.

which children will love for any quick dinner! Here you have an image of how cool this recipe is, but as I say, do not miss the video below that in a step by step of less than 1 minute they explain in detail how to do it.

So, having passed the first critical test of the parents with outstanding marks, we go for the most spontaneous test of the children.

Fun down a tube for the kids!

If it passed the parents’ test with flying colors, we have to say that the children will give this cream cheese from Arla honors when they try it.

They will love its flavor and texture , and they will certainly like the originality of its packaging, which will allow them to use just the right amount on their sandwiches, their breakfasts, and even on fruits and vegetables!

I am now taking this opportunity to give you a piece of advice: Arla’s natural cream cheese is perfect as a dip! Try it by cutting little sticks of vegetables and let them add a little cream cheese themselves, you will see how they eat the vegetables without realizing it.

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