Xiomara is one of the most popular girl names of recent times, especially in Latin America, and Xiomara is not only a beautiful name, but its meaning is equal to or more beautiful than its pronunciation. This has led many parents to think of putting their daughters Xiomara. However, how much do you know about the girl’s name Xiomara? In this article, we will explain everything about the meaning of the name Xiomara, as well as its origin, personality, saints, popularity and other information of interest. Xiomara is a girl’s name.

What does Ximara mean?

The female name Xiomara derives from the Arabic “Siomara” and literally means ” the most beautiful star in the universe “. However, some theories believe that it is more convenient to translate the name Xiomara as “illustrious woman” or “famous in combat”. However, these meanings are not as popular as the first. Read to know more about name meaning Samuel.

Origin of the name Ximara

The name Xiomara has a Germanic origin . More specifically, it comes from the German term “Guimar”, which in turn derives from the Arabic “Siomara” , whose meaning is “the most beautiful star in the universe”. For a few years now, Xiomara has been one of the most popular names in Latin America.

Diminutives and variations of the name Xiomara

Among the diminutives of Xiomara, we can find:

  • Xio
  • Xioma
  • Xiaomi
  • Xiomy
  • Mara

Among the variants of Xiomara, we find:

  • Shiomara
  • Xiomary
  • Siomara

The name Xiomara in other languages

The female name Xiomara is written the same in all languages.

Personality of the name Xiomara

People called Xiomara are very self-confident and have no trouble making decisions. In addition, when the Xiomara make a decision, they do not change it easily, since they will follow it no matter what it takes. That is why the Xiomara usually achieve everything they set out to do thanks to their persistence and security.

The Xiomara are also very committed and hate injustice , so the Xiomara are also usually very ethical and moral people. They are also usually very independent and autonomous; however, when the Xiomara find the right person, they won’t let her get away for the world.

Celebrities with the name Xiomara

  • Xiomara Villanueva : She is a well-known Colombian youtuber where, on her YouTube channel, she gives all kinds of advice on fashion, beauty, tricks or fitness, among others.
  • Xiomara Herrera : She is a famous Chilean dancer, winner of the Imparables program in 2017. She won the opportunity to participate in Cirque du Soleil.
  • Xiomara Alfaro : She was a well-known Cuban singer who performed numerous shows all over the world, she even participated in some films, such as Yambaó , produced in Mexico.

Saint Xiomara’s Day

Xiomara’s saints are celebrated on November 1 , All Saints’ Day.

Numerology of the Xiomara

According to numerology, the number associated with the name Xiomara is 9 .

Popularity of the first name Xiomara

According to data provided by the National Institute of Statistics, in Spain there are a total of 1,351 women named Xiomara with an average age of 27.4 years . As we can see on the map, the provinces with the largest number of people called Xiomara are:

  1. Santa Cruz of Tenerife
  2. The Gran Canarian palms
  3. Palencia
  4. Zaragoza

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