Meaning Of The Name Laila, Origin, Personality & Numerology


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Meaning Of The Name Laila, Origin, Personality & Numerology

The name Laila has a very deep meaning. Although the theories that exist around it are different, most of them suggest that it is a name that is used to designate those women who are as beautiful as the night. And it is not for less, since women with this name usually enjoy great inner beauty, accompanied by extraordinary joy and a lot of positivity.

Since choosing the best name for a baby is not an easy task, if you are one of those who prefer those less popular, original and beautiful names, keep reading! At this article we explain everything about the meaning of the name Laila . Laila is a girl’s name .

What does Laila mean?

There are several theories that speak about the meaning of Laila. The first of them argues that Laila comes from the Arabic word layl , which translates as “night”, thus giving the same meaning to the name. The second indicates that Layla means “beautiful”, for this reason there are many people who combine both meanings, resulting in ” beautiful as the night “. In fact, this third theory not only appears as a product of the previous two, but is also supported by the literary work of GG Byron, in which the writer called the protagonist Laila.

Origin of the name Laila

As we have already advanced in the previous section, the origin of the most widespread name Laila is the one that indicates that it comes from Arabic , specifically from the word layl (night).

Diminutives and variations of the name Laila

Diminutives of the name Laila are not known, however, there are variants:

  • layla
  • Lilac
  • Leila
  • Leyla

The name Laila in other languages

In all languages ​​the name Laila or any of its variants is used, so there are no translations .

Personality of the name Laila

Laila is not only a woman of extraordinary beauty on the outside, but she is also truly beautiful on the inside. Women with the name Laila tend to love animals and nature, they care about the environment and they are very supportive people who enjoy doing social work of all kinds. In addition, they are usually extroverted and tend to perform very well in professions related to communication, cinema or theater.

Laila believes in true love, so she is very faithful to her partner and gives herself completely if she considers that she has found the love of her life. Of course, she is also an independent woman who needs to have her own space, so she will not bear being with a possessive or extremely jealous person.

At work , Laila prefers those professions that involve charitable work, that allow her to help others or protect the planet, socially or with the public. Likewise, she is a great communicator and a good leader, so she will not hesitate to take charge and guide others.

On the other hand, Laila is a very familiar woman and a good friend . She loves having good times with her family and her loved ones adore her equally.

Celebrities named Laila

  • Laila Bagge – Swedish singer and songwriter, whose full name is Laila Natali Bagge Wahlgren.
  • Laila Rouass : British actress. Her full name is Laila Abdesselam Rouass.
  • Laila Jiménez : Spanish journalist.
  • Laila Robins : American actress.

Laila’s Saint’s Day

The saint’s day of the name Laila is celebrated on November 1 .

Numerology Of The Name Laila

The number of the name Laila is 8 .

Popularity of the first name Laila

Laila is not a very popular name in Spain, however, it has been used for relatively few years, so its popularity is likely to increase. Currently, as we see in the National Institute of Statistics, there are 5,089 women named Laila , with an average age of 26 years.

The cities in which the name Laila is most popular are:

  • Girona
  • lleida
  • Tarragona
  • Almeria

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