Meaning Of The Name Kenya, Origin Celebrities Personality and Numerology


Meaning Of The Name Kenya, Origin Celebrities Personality and Numerology

Do you like the name Kenya? It is a very original female name of African origin with a very beautiful meaning. We can write it Kenya or Kenya, both are valid and mean the same thing.

If you want to know what the meaning of the name Kenya is , as well as all the details about its origin, personality, saints, popularity, variations, etc., continue reading this article and you will be able to discover it. Kenya is a girl’s name .

What does Kenya mean?

The meaning of the name Kenya is “luminous mountain” or “mountain of radiance or brilliance” and we find its origin in the African continent. Galeena name meaning, origin and personality by Baby Names.

Origin of the name Kenya

The origin of the woman’s name Kenya is African and means “the luminous mountain” or “mountain of radiance or brilliance”. In the tribal language, this name is the shortening of an expression: “Kirima Kere Nyaga” ( kirima : mountain, kere : of, nyaga : radiance or brilliance).

Kenya is the highest mountain in the African country with the same name located in East Africa and the second highest mountain on this continent. Mount Kenya is located just south of the equator, in the center of the country, and was the one that gave its name to the Republic of Kenya.

Diminutives and variations of the name Kenya

Among the diminutives of Kenya, we can find Keny and Ken.

As for its variations, it is possible to find it written in the following ways: Kenya, Kennya, Kennia.

Personality of the name Kenya

Women named Kenya are very sensitive, idealistic, intelligent and full of energy. They are sociable, understanding and very tolerant people, they always try to put themselves in the other’s place and offer their help. Still, she also enjoys solitude and likes to have moments to be with herself and think about her things.

For Kenya, family is the most important thing. When he can, he organizes family plans to be with his family. She is also very caring and affectionate towards her loved ones.

At work, his great dedication and involvement stand out. He does not usually have problems in the workplace, because he is usually constant in everything he does and performs his profession with enthusiasm. She is also often highly valued for her imaginative and creative mind.

In love, she really enjoys plans at home with her partner, whether it’s watching a movie, a romantic dinner… She’s affectionate, honest and sincere, so she doesn’t hesitate to say what’s on her mind at all times even when consequences may be somewhat negative.

Celebrities with the name Kenya

  • Kenya Moore: American model, actress, producer, author, and businesswoman.
  • Kenya Hara: Japanese art director and designer.
  • Kenya Ontiveros: Mexican influencer and actress.

Kenya Saint’s Day

The name of Kenya does not have a birthday celebration date.

Numerology of the name Kenya

According to numerology, the number associated with the name of Kenya is 2.

Popularity of the first name Kenya

In Spain, there are only 208 women named Kenya with an average age of 14 years. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), this girl’s name is more popular in the following Spanish provinces:

  1. Castellon
  2. Girona
  3. Santa Cruz of Tenerife

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